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Corson Automation


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Hello, ADI.

Now I want to preempt this post by saying that we all know about the Corson fiasco and I've been digging into threads here, and I must say that my sentiments about Corson are much like Paul's: I don't wish to steal his quote but I found it as bemusing as it was eloquent.  But now they're out of business, and the distillery I now distill for has a 3000L automated system built by them. Alas, we do not know how to operate the darn automated system and appear to be locked out of the initial loading screen. Lone Pine Distillery is in Canada and so you can imagine that it gets a little more complex in terms of chasing the folks from Corson down when you consider we are across the border.

Does any other intrepid distiller who's had to make one of these things work have any insights onto the operation and maintenance of the automated systems?

Hope to hear from folks soon, it would help us immensely.

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