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ethanol drain hose


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Hi: Any suggestions for the kind of hose needed to drain ethanol from the still (drain is 1/2 ID). Am new to this. Received suggestions the other day but they have disappeared from the blog.

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I thought I would put up this link. It has about 7 pages of comparison for tubing. It is very detailed and gives "grades" for compatability of tubing. It may overcomplicate things a bit. Transfer hoses are less critical than tanks. The tubing is a small cost and you should shoot for one that grades well thats not $50 per foot. I have a favorite, its perfect for Ethyl Alcohol. its called Pliovic tubing and rates excellent. It is made by Goodyear. It runs me $1.30 per foot for 1/2" OD plus shipping. It also has a braided overcoating and is strong. good to 200 PSI.

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