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Complete Turnkey Distillery for Sale

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Distillery equipment and inventory for sale in Mississippi. Would be willing to sell distillery business outright with license to remain in current location or to be sold as a package to someone starting up. 7000 s.f. facility was built in 1880s and completely restored and renovated, with tasting room and on site package store. Also would be interested in sale of equity in business with current owner to remain involved in business operations. This is a great opportunity for someone to get up and running immediately, either in current location or with current equipment to be installed at your facility. Equipment and inventory only $200,000. Building and entire business operation and license, $700,000.


300 gallon stainless steel steam heated 4 plate copper pot/column hybrid still

300 gallon stainless steel steam heated mash cooker

8", 13' tall 12 plate stainless steel continuous stripping still

700,000 BTU/hr Burnham low pressure steam boiler

4-300 stainless steel open top fermenters

2" American Wine Flexible Impeller Pump

3-2" high temperature mash transfer hoses, various lengths

Meadows Steel Burr Grist Mill

1-330 gallon stainless steel storage tank

8-55 gallon stainless steel drums

6-270 gallon food grade IBC totes

5000 lb Toyota Forklift

6 spout gravity bottle filling machine

Race Taper Capable Labeling Machine

Various hoses, clamps, pumps

Solid hardwood tasting room furniture

Approximately 1200 gallons of aged bourbon ready for immediate sale







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I just took a look at your distillery.... I actually have a Rich Grain Distilling bottle pre-pro (kansas city). I am sure you have a few of these but thought it was cool I didn't know anyone had started a company with that name until now!

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