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Hello from Minneapolis, MN

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Good afternoon! (Depending on where you are). My family and I are hoping to start a Micro Distillery in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota within the next year. We plan to start with a few simple spirits and cocktail. We are hoping to keep it small and intimate. Only making small batches that we can use in the next few weeks type of situation. We have already started some of our government requirements as we lock in our location. We have some loose plans for making Vodka, Gin and Rum. Eventually heading into Whiskey. Hoping to make some connections with other Distillers that are also on the smaller side, or at one point where small. 

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Hi Alan,

Welcome to the forum. Minneapolis is a great city to start up in. If you need any help with your venture I provide affordable distillery consulting that can help in all aspects of your distillery from recipes, equipment planning to reporting. Best of luck and if you need some help drop me a line.


---KB       Distillerynow@gmail.com

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