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Custom Bottle Stopper help


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Hi all,

I'm working on a custom package - bottle and stopper are unique.  I'm running into an issue with tamper-proofing the bottle.  Because of the unique shape of the bottle and stopper we won't be able to use a shrink band or paper seal.  My best guess is that we'll need to use an integrated band with the closure itself.  Given the shape and design, it'd probably be best to use a cap like Disaronno uses - the security seal is inside the cap.  

Anybody know the proper terminology to research this or know how they got it done? 

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. 

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We can make a custom cap similar to the one Disaronno uses.  Minimum order quantity is 25,000 and there will some injection mold one time costs. You will be the owner of the molds and no one else can use them without your consent. Call me at 561.818.8977 to discuss the detalis.

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