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  1. Ultrapure sells by 55, 275 and up. MGP referred me to Florida Distillers. Dehner - I'll message you shortly.
  2. Dehner, Do you have white rum as well?
  3. Patio - I've gotta ask a follow up question. Is the temperature of the distillate at the parrot changing? At my old gig we'd have considerable changes in the coolant temp, which obviously makes changes in the hydrometer reading. Just a thought.
  4. Hi all, I'm working on a custom package - bottle and stopper are unique. I'm running into an issue with tamper-proofing the bottle. Because of the unique shape of the bottle and stopper we won't be able to use a shrink band or paper seal. My best guess is that we'll need to use an integrated band with the closure itself. Given the shape and design, it'd probably be best to use a cap like Disaronno uses - the security seal is inside the cap. Anybody know the proper terminology to research this or know how they got it done? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
  5. sorry to resurrect Lazarus here but I wanted to chime in. also, a caveat: I imagine for most users on the form will not find this applicable but it does happen. - I noticed in the OP that wild yeast was a variable. This may or may not be relevant to your situation but I have had ferments where their SG increased, at least nominally. All of our ferments were wild and some would have further "infections" - particularly from a poorly cleaned sugar cane mill - would cause exceptionally thick, viscous ferments.
  6. To my knowledge It's not expressly forbidden from Hawaii
  7. Thanks Benjamin, Email sent - looking forward to seeing what you all can do for us! Cheers
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for glass designers to help design a bottle for a custom mold. I'm already talking to Ignite and MNA|BAX. Any others I should look at? Thanks,
  9. Have any of you gotten any resistance from TTB when adding salt to the formula? If it doesn't affect taste then it'd make sense to add to all distillations, not just vodka, right?
  10. The fuel tank buying guide is awesome. Thank you all for your input. Cheers
  11. If I'm reading this all correctly, the tanks themselves don't need to be locked when stored outdoors, provided there is sufficient security to prevent unwanted access. I.e. a fence/border wall with appropriately beefy locks would suffice? How would you convey the spirits back indoors for processing? I'm assuming you can't have a tank outside with a locked valve and piping to an indoor bottling room, for example? Also, where does someone find locked (with a key) valves? I don't think I've ever came across them. Thanks for the lively discussion on codes. Love this industry
  12. Remember when the server used to have some kind of malware on it and sketchy/unwanted ads would pop up a few years ago? How is ADI still not an https website?
  13. If I'm understanding this correctly, bonding=stronger version of grounding? At some point it becomes overkill, but basically anything electronic or metal that can touch liquid gets a ground or bond? Are there XP requirements for these connections? I'm guessing no, but I'm neither an electrician or an engineer.
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