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50ml mini bottle boxes


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How are you packaging your 50ml mini bottles? Mine are glass, so I'm thinking a 12pack cardboard box with dividers. Anyone use something similar?

I see Absolut and some other brands packing in an open cardboard tray with plastic wrap around it. That would be great, but I wonder what kind of machine is needed for that.

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Hello Dave,

Having worked in the Ice Cream Business at one point I can tell you that the machine involves a conveyor belt and the heating elements in an L shape, the wrap comes on a spool and id doubled over once you drop the arms with the element wires in them it cuts the wrap and the shoot it thru a heat tunnel. You local pakaging guy can get or have the trays made and also like get you all the products. I am working on get the info on the Machines for you now.

Virgil Strong

Tahoe Blu

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