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Bill told me a while ago I should re-post my ad so her it goes.

I'm offering consultation services for people that are moving forward on their distillery projects. Let me cut to the chase. I bring to the table not only experience making spirits, but experience making spirits at two stable and profitable micro-distilleries rare qualities among small distilleries in the USA. Germain-Robin and Stillwater spirits both of these distilleries have been in business for years (Germain-Robin since the eighties), and have won numerous awards in each of their disciplines. I understand the rhythms and the pace at which a distillery needs to operate. I know how much labor is needed for different tasks. I know what tools you should spend your money on, and what you don't really need or can make yourself.

Making quality spirits is paramount for micro-distilling. It's the only thing we have that truly separates us from the consolidated brands. To do this you need a clear picture of the product you are trying to make, including all the steps it takes to make it before you start. This is especially important if that product is aged because of the expense intrinsic to the process. You can learn the basics of distilling from reading a book or from a short class, you can pay a firm to file your TTB and state paperwork, you can consult with any number of people on branding your product. But creative inspiration can only be truly realized through an understanding of the fundamentals of the form one chooses to work in. In our case it is spirits, and if you want to make quality products through proven traditional methods I can help you learn the foundations of that form. I look forward to talking with any of you and learning more.


Brendan Wheatley


email: spiritsmith@gmail.com

phone: 808-214-0220

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