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Congress Passes Fed Excise Tax Relief for Spirits Removed For Use in Hand Sanitizer

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Just about an hour ago (weds night) they finally passed the bill and it includes some pretty nice language:


No federal excise tax for the entirety of 2020 spirit removals for hand sanitizer.

Even bigger is that all you have to do is follow WHO.  AND bulk sales / labeling requirements are waived.  For once - some decent legislation.  Thank goodness.

House is supposed to vote on this on Friday AM so CALL YOUR REPS although one would hope this is a no-brainer.

Source: https://files.taxfoundation.org/20200325223111/FINAL-FINAL-CARES-ACT.pdf (pg 212-213)

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Given that the FDA guidance is that we have to denature this means absolutely nothing at the moment.  If the FDA comes out with a new circular exempting us from denaturing then it will help.

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