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Florida Distillery Sale or Partner

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Hello everyone.

It is with mixed emotion that I announce this.

I have owned and operated Fat Dog Spirits distillery since 2004.

I have been offered an incredible opportunity to re-enter my former profession as an investment banker that I feel I cannot pass up.

As such I will no longer be able to spend the requisite time it takes to actively run my distillery and market my brands.

I am therefore looking to sell or bring in a partner to this opportunity.

I am essentially the sole owner so terms are flexible.

Any interested parties will need to be able to bring cash to the transaction.

The distillery is located in Tampa. But could easily be moved. Actually I am considering moving it to Orlando.

I am resident now in Orlando (hence the logistical problem)

This is an operating distillery with a gold medal (San Francisco 2006) winning vodka, an award winning Absinthe (best of category NY Spirits Competition 2009), and an American style Gin (not yet entered into competition). Equipment is custom pot still and two custom finishing stills, one in opeartion and one not yet attached to a pot.

Blending and storage tanks and filler.

Serious inquiries only please.

Nick Carbone 813 503 5995 <<<<< this is my cell.

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I am seriously interested in knowing more about your operation. I am only able to correspond via phone on a very limited bases, but email is great for me if you don't mind.

My email is adhclark@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Adam Clark

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I feel I need to clarify

I am not shutting down my distillery

I am not liquidating the equipment

I am looking for someone to buy or come in as a partner to devote the time, energy and resources to this project that I can longer do.

If I do not find that opportunity

Then my plan is to hire someone to do what I used to do.

It is my time and financial commitment that I am looking to replace.

Nick Carbone

813 503 5995

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