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Article: Rum Label Transparency- Quantifying Enthusiast’s Desires


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Interresting rticle with suggestionas for standardising Rum labeling:

Rum label transparency is of substantial interest to many enthusiasts. No, not whether you can see through the label or not. Rather, transparency in exactly how the rum was made.

While the rum world has made great strides towards greater transparency recently, there’s still a great distance for brands to travel. Information disclosure is still a “wild west” situation, with most brands approaching it ad hoc … if at all. This isn’t to dismiss the efforts of those forward-thinking brands who do it well and consistently, but in the industry as a whole, there’s much which can be improved.



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Would it be great to have more info? Yes. Consumers aren't knocking down doors for it yet. Most wouldn't understand or care about it. The flexibility in not disclosing that info is what most large producers prefer. There's also accountability - who if any will submit to any form of audit to verify what's on the label. I think we all know little self certified statements are worth. Until some companies start adopting any form of standard the large producers won't feel any pressure to do so.

It will be hard to create and enforce a uniform standard. I appreciate what Matt Pietrek is suggesting. I think his suggestions are a little too detailed for use but it's a good start.

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