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  1. To follow up we found these: https://www.dudadiesel.com/filters.php They're stackable so we got a 5 pack from 200 micron down to 10. Because they are not pressurized it's going to be slow going. Given our minimal needs it should be good for now. Once we get a little more cash we're going to buy something more substantial. And thanks to everyone that replied and PM'ed. We appreciate the help.
  2. Also the fermenting worksheets we use. Fermentation Log.ods Fermentation Log.pdf
  3. This is a simple form we use when we start proofing things down. We use Hoochware for the calcs. It also records data but we prefer to keep a paper record with the tank. Blending worksheet.ods
  4. Looking at add on products like mixers. Do any of you make/sell them? Do you need to do any other registrations/recording to make them? I've been doing some research into shelf life with pH and Water Activity. It's fairly confusing being new to it. Just would like to talk to someone that's doing it so I can understand requirements and processes.
  5. How big are you looking? These are new but a smaller one might be good for display: https://www.copper-alembic.com/en/ http://www.coppermoonshinestills.com/ Also might be dependent on style. I know Still Dragon or ADE has more modern ones that are single wall that would be less expensive than you might expect.
  6. Smaller one - 20x20 We can get it to 1 micron easily enough. It's going from 1 to .5 that's the issue. We have a gauge on the Input. It hits 30+ PSI (max gauge reading) within a minute. Yeah, I think that's the thing we need but we haven't brought ourselves to getting over the price for the moment. It's for only 1 product right now so it's hard to justify.
  7. Interesting idea but I don't have the capability of cooling that much. I have put samples in the fridge and it floc'ed/separated much better. For centrifuges I looked into that but all I can find in my price range is aluminum. I don't think that's a good material for acidic spirits. I do think that it would be good for clarifying spirits as there is no filter to throw out.
  8. It doesn't floc well. We tried pectin enzyme with little help either. The top 3rd is ok but the rest is still a mix.
  9. I give up trying to figure this out on my own. We make limoncello. It's awesome to drink, a nightmare to make. Unlike other limoncellos we use juice in it. This puts TONS of particulate matter in the spirit. We filter ours to clarity (.5 microns). For our normal small batch we can do that, but it's a pain. We've increased our batch size (10g->40g) and now it's way too hard to deal with. We can filter down to 1 micron without much issue. It's going from 1 to .5 that is causing issues. We're using a 3 plate filter for that. The filters last around 5 gallons before getting clogged. Anyone have
  10. He probably went with Forsyths: https://forsyths.com/distillation/pot-stills/ US Copper still makers: Vendome: https://vendomecopper.com/ Cleveland Coppersmiths: https://www.clevelandcoppersmithing.com/ Confederate: (can't find a website other than facebook) Colonel Vaughn: http://www.coppermoonshinestills.com/ There's more but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. Colonel Vaughn will probably be the least expensive. Vendome will be the most expensive.
  11. In that small of a town it might be hard to achieve success. How large is your area? Is there a bigger town somewhat close? Is there a tourist element to your town? For products? Go to the stores. Look at what they are selling & price points. That's what sells & the price it sells at. That doesn't mean isn't a market for something different & more expensive. Talk to the people in the store. They probably will be friendly if you tell them what you're doing. They may not. Ask them what people are into. Once you figure out what sells - do you want to make it? If you do, do y
  12. Dave Dunbar did the paperwork for us. It went through pretty quickly. You have 60 days to move bondable materials & equipment to the new location. You will probably will need to deal with state issues. It's like redoing your initial license but it is faster, doesn't require the personal financial stuff, and there's generally no issues getting it approved.
  13. If you're not making/selling it anymore deregister. Follow the instructions above for both the facility and the product.
  14. BOOM DONE. Thanks! I would not have known to end the NDC thing.
  15. Anyone have any idea how to deregister their location? I can deregister the Food Facility but no idea on the OTC part.
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