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  1. I would love to make some single malt love with that.
  2. This ^ We use camlocks for transfer hoses. We have males on the vessels and females on the hose ends. It helps but it's still a pain.
  3. Ask a lawyer and an accountant. The biz structure is mostly about protecting assets and limiting tax burdens. For you situation it will most likely be a LLC. The fed doesn't treat different biz structures differently other than to make sure they know who owes taxes and how much. The vast majority of new small businesses today are LLCs. Each state treats LLC a little differently. That's why you need to ask a local lawyer/accountant. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limited_liability_company In essence if you're going to have fewer than 100 or so significant investors you'll end up being
  4. Can you describe the off flavor? That would be helpful in determining what is causing it. Are your yields consistent? What products are you making? What is your mashing/fermenting protocol? Do you measure pH?
  5. For using ginskey as a class/type name - probably not. If someone already has a trademark on the name I don't believe that the TTB would try to use that as a name. The company holding the trademark would most likely have a strong case against them.
  6. I asked to be one of the first to get moved over but I haven't heard anything back. I'm assuming they are moving some friendly long term customers first.
  7. One of the reasons why for the big guys is that saponification is reversible in an high proof/acidic environment - like a barrel. If a spirit has some saponification occur before barreling the tannins and other acidic components will reverse the reaction. Barrel entry proof effects flavors and the number of barrels you'll need. Higher barrel proof means fewer barrels, lower proof more. Again, big guys want to spend less so they normally go with high proof. For some smaller folks barrel entry tends to be lower - I've know some do 100p or less. The downside is that since you loose the
  8. OH COME ON! Great now for the next couple weeks every time my skin itches I'm going to think that I have that disease. If they used a plate filter it might be some of the loose filter material coming off. This is supposition though.
  9. We've been working with several filtering methods. We use cheesecloth to get rid of the large bits. Then we have a canister filter at 5 microns then a small plate filter at .5 microns. Works well for us. We're small so keep that in mind if you're trying to filter more than 100g at a time. We filter when we remove the botanicals and again with the plate filter only for bottling. For non amaros/liqueurs it works great and we have a perfectly clear product. We haven't used it on our limoncello yet. We plan on it next week. I've been testing it but I'm having problems with that clogging up every
  10. Are the people getting inspected currently producing or are there folks that have stop producing getting inspected? We only did a few barrels and stopped. Nothing here to inspect other than paperwork. I haven't heard anything other than a survey they sent us. No phone or emails.
  11. I think he either had a typo or else he's suggesting you grab a beer while cleaning the still.
  12. For your situation I think that's a good idea. I like having the locals process the wood - it adds to your story of being local.
  13. Yup, that too. No reason for it anymore. I get those points. It wouldn't be a groundbreaking change. But it would make things go faster and make things simpler. 100 liters (call it wine liters if you want) of a spirit at 40% ABV 100*0.4=40 LAA. There's no though required to understand the equation. 234 liters at 45%? Ok, a calculator would help there but still not hard to do: 234*0.45=105.3 LAA. There's no conversion to 50% ABV for Proof Gallons for no real reason other than what's we do. It's simple to training new people. You don't have to explain the story behind
  14. As the saying goes - oaking isn't aging. Without breathing you miss that part of it. That being said if you're doing a short aging on the spirit anyhow it probably won't make much of a difference anyhow. For price the 59g Titan Barrel (basically the same thing) is $1000 for the barrel and $400 for the replacement staves. https://www.titanbarrels.com/ The Squarrel (you can search for previous post on this) is $760 for a 10g version and $90 for replacement staves. They have bigger version but they don't list the price. https://www.mtka-bec.com/search?searchterm=squarrel At least
  15. So after talking to some people about this subject I put this post together. This is early thinking but it can be used as a draft for something we support as an industry. Please post up your thoughts/revisions/etc. All input is welcome. Let's end the use of the terms Proof and Proof Gallons. Let's end the use of the term Proof. It might sound like a silly thing to do but it's also a very practical thing to do. Proof is an old term that has no real place in modern distilling. It does not have a worldwide standard of meaning. It confuses customers. It is an add on to a label th
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