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  1. Thanks - Try mint/basil/rosemary/dill in equal amounts if you can. How do you measure oil content? That would be key for me for consistency. This is a new area for me.
  2. GNS, a mix of various things - from fresh citrus and herbs to dried stuff. My goal is to speed up the maceration process. I would ideally like to get it done in a few hours. I figured a soxhlet would do that best. You're right that a pump would do the same, but would it do it at the same speed cold? I don't want to heat up the fresh botanicals. The dried ones I don't care about as much. I probably should have titled the thread "How do I do extractions faster". I'll check out the ultrasonic baths. If you have a link to one you think that would work that would be appreciated.
  3. I'll looking in the 1 gallon range. I can't see to find anything over 1l. We want to use it to create small batch infusions for our bar. I don't want to take 2-4 weeks to get it done.
  4. Just be careful as the equipment you're thinking of using isn't designed for high proof spirits, so thing might go boom. As an alternative, you can get one of these (https://www.morebeer.com/products/beer-filtering-system-10-housing-95-mm-duotight-fittings.html) with an array of filters to help you. We use one with 50 micron and 20 micron filters for our brown spirits/amaros. 20 micron will not significantly alter the flavor of you spirit and will remove solids that are visable to the eye down to a fine dust that might settle at the bottom of the bottle. We use a series: 50/20/10/5/1 four our limoncello and it comes out very clear. though not perfectly clear. Going smaller than 20 micronw will effect the flavor. Each spirit's flavor change is different. We use a flowjet pump to power it. easy peasy.
  5. For smaller folks: we use this one: https://www.premier1supplies.com/detail.php?prod_id=49688 No issues with anything we've put in it - corn - etc. It goes well with corn, with everything else it's fast. It'll do 50lbs of corn in 10 minutes or less. It does make some dust. It's a minor pain to set up as the safety pressure sensor locks are temperamental. Just be careful with the feed. Start it closed then slowly open the feed. It will not start with grain in the chamber. We use the 2.5mm screen. We get really good conversion with it.
  6. As Jedd said learn how to make the best wine possible, then learn how to distill it. You're not making rum. Don't try to make schnapps that way. For schnapps, you want to make a spirit true to the material you're using. There's no point in making a spirit like schnapps that muddles flavors.
  7. Same here - I've been working with Larry for a few years and he and his team always go above and beyond to help plan purchases, get quotes & shipping estimates, and follow up afterwards. I recommend them to everyone around here. Super easy to work with and great folks.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/business/retail-consumer/dont-shake-or-stir-drinks-firms-push-bottled-cocktails-holidays-2023-12-23/ Some good insights there.
  9. As a follow up - When you go to look for TIBs, you will need to go to your original "Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)", click on the tracking number, click on "Reports" (Upper right hand side), then click "TTB F5100.16 Transfer in Bond". Now the not fun part - If you click on the "Amended Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)" if will only show you TIBs that are associated with that specific amendment. It will not show you all of them. Only on the Original application can you see all of them.
  10. Can you take a photo and point out where you're getting the clog? Or Is the whole drain tube getting clogged? Do you fill the tun with grain first or water? Is the agitator on or off when you drain? Is it plugged when your start to drain it or does it eventually get plugged? It might be the weight of the grains compressing themselves in the tube. If so maybe shorten the distance from the exit from the tun to the valve. That should reduce how much of a plug you need to deal with. Filling with water first might help though that's a just a thought. If could reduce how much grain gets into the tube. If you're doing dry grain first it might be expanding in the tube to cause the clog. We use a reversable FIP pump. It allows us to blow air to break up clogs and such. It's not great for the pump but I'm not super concerned about the short times we do it.
  11. The distilling industry sucks for consistent terminology. Each region, spirit type and language has its own nuance. Without a reference book to define and delineate terminology there's never going to be consistency. For what you're asking SCD nailed it for what most people mean when they use those terms.
  12. We're starting to seriously consider our own canning line. I know nothing about them. Any advice/experience you can share? Equipment manufacturers you use? Accessory equipment? We looking at doing both carbonated and still spirits. We would also like to can non-alcoholic beverages. Thanks!
  13. 40%ABV/80 proof or above is considered combustible or "High Proof". But don't expect your inspector to understand that and go with what Kindred said - figure that they will consider anything stronger than a ferment to be something they will count against you regardless if it's correct or not.
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