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Bulk Agave


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Looking for a good suplier of bulk blue agave. i have run a series of test batches , and am confident to run a big batch . looking for a quality blue agave, that doesnt break the bank. 275 gallon totes is what i would like to purchase.

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Hi SteelB, 

I may be late to the party, however, we have a great source of agave. We have access to 4 different color variations of 100% blue agave nectar and stock both a light and a dark option in the US. As Brewstilla said, it is really important to dilute the 75% brix solution. We recommend 12 brix as this maximizes yields without difficult fermentations. The correct balance of nutrients is also needed (DAP & vitamins). Please feel free to reach out to me and I can assist. 

All the best, 

JB Harrell



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On 10/1/2020 at 12:01 PM, Brewstilla said:

We just ran a tote of the dark nectar from https://www.nectave.com/bulk-agave-nectar/. All stripped and will do spirit run tomorrow, happy with the product thus far. Shot a bit too high on the original gravity due to available fermentation capacity, and should have used a buffering agent to keep pH from crashing, but lessons learned for next time.

How did it turn out?

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15 minutes ago, Brewstilla said:

Really happy with how our agave spirit turned out and have had positive feedback from accounts

Nice - are you getting a solid Tequila flavor? We used a different brand of nectar and SafTeq Blue Yeast and it was a solid product but a little too clean and not exactly what we are looking for. If you are getting close to a blanco tequila flavor instead of a sweeter vodka/rum flavor, I'd be interested in what yeast you used if you would be willing to share. 

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