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Looking for 550 Gal Combo Pot/ Column Still. Karl, Kothe, Bavarian Holstein, Vendome....


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Why not own a Figgins Reciprocator® distillation system?

  • 550 US gallons ~ best value for a still of this volume
  • twin 1000-liter kettles
  • two 24" reflux spheres
  • patented, innovative design
  • ten CIP zones
  • agitator for faster warming
  • overbuilt condenser for water conservation
  • three-port dephlegmator for cooling flexibility
  • temperature-sensing ports for easy data collection
  • only six plates needed to reach 96.2% ABV in second pass
  • column available is 316 stainless steel with copper bubble plates, or all-copper
  • pot-still or pot-and-column modes of operation
  • easy purchase or lease terms
  • three months of support and operational tutorials ~ let's talk shop!
  • one-year warranty
  • easy on-site assembly






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