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Front and Back Label Applicator


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We currently use a manual Race Labeler (https://www.racelabel.com/rl-1/) for single label application. We are doing our first two-part (front and back) label soon and the label company says they can't print it alternating due to the design and label type so we are looking for either 1) a new label machine that can accommodate two (2) different rolls (preferable) or 2) a cheap second manual labeler to do one of the two (2) labels. Specs/Info:

1. Labels are fairly tall (vodka) bottle not at least one is not very wide;

2. They need to be properly spaced to line up correctly for the design. 

3. We use a standard vodka style bottle for this design (Anchor Hocking Bordeaux) and short bottles for most of our other products

4. We don't have the $ for a fully automated system but willing to consider affordable semi-manual systems. We looked at the Primera applicators but they don't allow for two (2) different rolls on the double label applicator. 

Any suggestions much appreciated. 


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Sorry if this is no help. But I would check with another printing company. Never heard of one that can't do alternating labels on a single roll. A digital printer will definitely be able to do this.

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OK, I could see that being an issue. If you're not using a digital printer, you may want to search for a larg(er) company that has a lot of experience. They may be able to tell you if a digital printer can do it better or if there's other issues.

I don't know of any label applicator that would do what you want. But to save some cost, I would just do all the front labels first then swap out the roll and redo the bottles with the back label. You'd still need to register the bottles correctly for the back label but you'd have to do that anyway if you had two applicators.

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18 hours ago, CountySeat said:

The back label is printed double-sided if that helps. That was the reason as I understood it. If you have a label company you recommend, please let me know. 

I have a very similar label. We have been using Richmark Label in Seattle for a long time. They should be able to do this.

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