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CT License needed to sell spirits produced by another distillery


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I don't know if anyone here will know about CT liquor law but I'm wondering what licenses/permits (federal and state) you would need if you are selling vodka or gin produced, bottled and shipped by a distillery in another state. Do you still need the DSP from the TTB? In CT the only permit that comes close is a Permit to Manufacture Spirits but that is not what is really happening, so I'm not sure that is what you need. I think it might be possible to have a CT based company and spirit brand, pay a New York State Distillery to make it, bottle it and ship it to stores, distributors, restaurants and bars. The question is does it require a different combination of permits than the norm? Thanks for watching!

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Federally, if you purchase for resale at wholesaler, you need a wholesaler's basic permit.  Even if you have a DSP permit, which a wholesaler does not need if it does not distill or process spirits, if you buy bottled product from someone else, you need the wholesale permit.

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