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Obfuscation proofing - Am I doing this right?

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Filled a flask with 500ml of spirit

Distilled to over 100c

Added RO water until it is back to 500ml

Measure Proof


Cause if so then I magically made nearly double the alcohol than what I put in.

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What was the estimated proof vs actual proof? Are you using volumetric flasks? Are the temperatures pre- and post-distillation measured as equal (or better yet match the volumetric flask calibration?)

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Estimated: low 30s

I did not use volumetric flasks. I used graduated cylinders for measuring. I do have volumetric flasks. 

Temps were not the same. I did not record the first temp but I did for the second. I recorded 95.8p @ 76.5f - Hoochware says true proof of 88.8p

Base spirit: 51kg @ 86.4p, then added 22.95kg of 50/50 by weight simple syrup. 


One big note: So I didn't mix the spirit before I removed the sample. It looks like all the sugar stratified and there was more alcohol at the top based on tasting. I will redo my proofing later.  

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I've learned through experience that the lab distillation for determining true proof requires a lot of attention to detail and one little mistake can ruin the whole thing and waste a few hours of work. I'd honestly follow the TTB's videos to the letter when it comes to this technique. 

Here's the video from the TTB. I don't have a water bath so I'll often use a fridge to get my sample close to the calibrated temperature on the volumetric flask both before and after distillation. The most important part is that the temperature before and after matches as well as the volume.

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