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Whiskey Liquidation - in Barrels

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Aged Malt Whiskey for Sale

We have excess malt whiskey  nd a little bourbon) that we are looking to liquidate.   If your whiskey program is not ready to launch, this is a great way to generate revenue until your whiskey comes online.  If you are makeing bourbon, this is a great way to round out your final product. All whiskeys were barreled between 114 and 120 proof.

When we sell this whiskey at our distillery, we charge $70 per bottle.  All 15 and 30 gallon barrels for sale are ready to bottle. Both are great for blending with other whiskeys or can be bottled on their own. All 53 gallon barrels being offered are ready to bottle or can continue to be aged indefinitely unless otherwise noted.  All aging done in new oak barrels.  Fifteen and thirty gallon barrels are Barrel Mill one year dry aged casks.  All 53 gallon barrels are Canton one or two year dry aged casks unless otherwise noted.

Because of the low prices quoted, I have to charge for samples.  All sample charges will be credited against your first purchase.

Sales references available on request.


Whiskey in 15 gallon barrels -  FOB Poway California

2017 - $360                        2018 - $330

3                                           23

Bourbon in 15 Gallon Barrels - FOB Poway California

2017 - $360


Whiskey in 30 gallon barrels -  FOB Poway California

2018 -  $660


Whiskey in 53 gallon barrels - FOB Poway California

2017 - $1275                     2018 - $1175                     2019 - $1075

 4                                          5                                        13


Misc in 53 or 60 gallon barrels - FOB Poway California

# available           Date Barreled     Spirit      Barrel Size           Price      Note

1                            2017                     Malted Rye         53                          $900    New Oak Barrel


Please contact me with any questions.




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Hi, do you have any of this stock left? I am trying to figure out how to fill a gap in my production we were forced to take during the initial months of the pandemic and purchasing some whiskey to offer something other than our in-house whiskey seemed like a solid move. I am looking for 60-90 gallons depending on the barrel sizes available and the type of whiskey it is. Let me know.



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