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  1. Thank you. You are right. I need to find consultant for this. I would appreciate any recommendations.
  2. Thank you Jedd. I am in Atlanta, Georgia. I am planing to blend and bottle bourbons, volume up to 10 barrels at the time.
  3. Hello colleagues, I am setting up a low profile blending and bottling operations, in existing warehouse building, in the 2500 sq. ft room. Would you suggest someone who can help me make a list of equipment (water treatment, blending tanks, hoses, pumps, labeling machine. Manual filling machine, ect) and set up a lean plan for this type of operations. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello Looking for KY Bourbon and any high aged whiskey. Thank you Alex Kogan akogan@aikoimporters.com
  5. Have new MIZUNARA OAK Barrels for sale at $4700 Located in Atlanta GA 450L Please e-mail kogan7@gmail.com
  6. Looking for KY Bourbon 5+ yo, 4-10 barrels Please contact kogan7@gmail.com
  7. Hi everyone, I am filling out federal application and got confused on this question: Describe each Tract of Land by using directions and distances 1.What information do I put here if my DSP will be occupied in one room of a larger warehouse complex, that consists of many business and interconnected building with one physical address. 2. Where do I look for answers, how do I answer this question? Thank you Alex
  8. Hello everyone. I am importer with my own distribution network. I am looking for a contract bottler, who can bottle our hand blown bottles with whiskey, bourbon and tequila. I will start with 500 cases (375ml and 750ml X 6). All bottles are different shape, so it must be hand filled. Examples of the bottles can be found on my website www.aikoimporters.com If there is an interest, please contact me at akogan@aikoimporters.com or 404-317-8567 Thank you Alex
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