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300Gallon/ 1200L Mash/ Lauter Tun Stripping Still Combo.


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Hello Everyone,
Recently, there are more friends asked me about two tanks as follow ,so glad to share with you all.
Any other sizes you may need, please send to my email : dayu@zjdayu.com or Contact Whatapp:+86 15158606079,Thanks!
1. 300Gallon 1200L Mash/ Lauter Tun Stripping Still Combo. The unit has steam /electric bain marie heating jacket ,rake mixer . It can be used as a Mash /Lauter cooker and stripping still to make low wine firstly.
Price: US$15,300 
2. 2000L DYE- Fermenter. Can be build with or without Insulation  ,agitator on top to be on option, widely used in Distillery and Winery. 60degree cone fermenter used in Brewery and Distillery .
 2000L Price: US$4,400




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