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Anyone using ROPP/Stelvin?

Silk City Distillers

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Looking to attack another price point for clear spirits, wondering if anyone using ROPP/Stelvin with a semi-automatic capper that can throw some pointers my way.  What equipment?  Anything I need to know about ropp/stelvin sizing?  What mistakes shouldn't I make?  Are you seeing faster throughput/easier workflow than corking and sealing (we are using a CCR corker, manually applying a shrink, then shrinking).  Am I overthinking the potential cost/time savings?

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Thanks, helpful.  Scanned through bottle offerings and didn't see a whole lot.  I wasn't sure if that was real availability challenges (meaning, custom bottles required), or the shorter-term supply chain issues for bottles.  Obviously, plenty of options on the wine bottle side, seems like many using stelvin for spirits are using Bordeaux style bottles.



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