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With Multiple Product Categories - Same Bottle or Go Different?

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We're about to pull the trigger on bottle purchasing and have been gathering options from domestic suppliers. We are going to have a vodka, gin, and 2-3 whiskeys in our line to start. I am weighing the pros and cons of utilizing the same bottle across all products vs. having 2-3 different styles. 

All bottles will be filled, labeled and corked in-house, so I can definitely see the logistical issues that having multiple styles could bring. There is also the issue with supply right now as well. 

Any of you good folks care to weight in with sage advice? What do you wish you had done differently? 

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We started with a few different bottles to differentiate categories, but have been transitioning more to a "branded house" look with fewer bottles, separating categories by color, and product tiers by label design and language. Logistically through the whole process (sourcing, packaging, warehousing, stocking shelves, merchandising) sticking with one or two bottles makes things much easier, and the branding is more cohesive. If you were going to do drastically different branding between product types you might have to use different bottles to best achieve that look.

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