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250 Gallon Hybrid Still (Four-plate 12" Column) for Sale

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We are selling our A.B.E. 250 Hybrid Steam still.  

Overall Technical:

  • 250 Gallon Charge Capacity
  • 2 compartment SS Steam Jacketed (upper and lower, for smaller batches)
  • 18-inch Manway
  • Copper Pot
  • Copper Whiskey Helmet
  • Four-plate Copper Column - 12"
  • Bubble Plate Regulation Valve on each place
  • Full Copper Dephlegmator
  • PRV/VRV In Jacket; PRV/CRV In Pot
  • Temp measurements in: pot liquid, helmet, Dehpleg, main condenser.
  • Agitator Motor and Gear Box
  • Tube & Shell SS Main  Condenser
  • PID Steam Control Box
  • Steam Valve

The still is located in ISRAEL.

Shipping can be arranged upon request.

Please contact me with questions - Yechiel@verstill.com

1000L Still Control Box.jpeg

1000L Still Pot.jpeg

Agitator Motor.jpeg

Column inlet and outlet.jpeg

Steam connectors 1.jpeg

Steam Connectors.jpeg

Steam traps and drainage.jpeg

Steam Valve.jpeg

Still Back.jpeg

Still Front.jpeg

Still pot inside.jpeg

Still side view 2.jpeg

Still side view.jpeg

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I'm not sure it would make sense based on shipping but we have a 125-gallon ABE still we want to expand.  Why are you selling your system?

Could you send me an email message    brock@patent5.ca


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