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  1. @BismarckDistillery we are just north of you in Winnipeg. We don't have ready access to winter winter wheat you use hard red spring. Having said that we use wheat (95%/5% malted barley) for our vodka which is also the base spirit for our gin. We've been distilling three years and am happy to share our struggles and triumphs if you'd like to chat. Just a few comparisons to your proposed mash and ours. We mash 400 gallons and use 800lbs wheat - you are using a fair bit more wheat/gallon. As mentioned by AdamOVD if you use raw wheat (as we do) you'll want to use GA. We take our wheat to 180F as we were not getting the gelatinization we needed at 160F - although I would guess that is at least partially depending on the grind of your flour.
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