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BRAND NEW 7000L Still and 7000L Mash Tun FOR SALE (North American Designed and Made)

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This amazing North American made 7000L still and separate 7000L mashtun have both been custom designed from scratch by a major still manufacturer for our facility. Through COVID we wound up taking a change in direction thus making this unit not as aligned with our long term plans. This is brand new and still sitting is the warehouse at the manufactures warehouse with the plastic still on it. Ready to ship and get you up and running right away.

7000L Pot Still Tailored for Whiskey and Rum:

  • Pot still with eight plate column with deflag.
  • Jacketed for steam heating.
  • Pneumatic bypass valves on lyne arm to allow or full alembic use or column use in one unit.
  • Thermostatic control for condenser output for safe parrot temp control.
  • Dual sensor system designed for analog (included) and digital sensors (ports ready). 
  • Operators platform and upper inspection platform for easy access to gauges and valves.
  • Dual oversize manways for operator to allow for public touring without interfering with operations.
  • Integrated sink and work surface for efficient operator work space.
  • Copper pot head, dome and columns.
  • Integrated CIP (no pumps)
  • Explosion proof agitation.
  • We will include $10,000 in PLC parts for the digital control system in boxes and ready to go including touch screen interface and all controllers needed. Needs temp sensors.
  • Overall height is 22'.

7000L Mashtun with walkway:

  • Custom designed mashtun kettle designed for efficient mash and wash prep.
  • Oversized manway for easy inspection or ingredient adds.
  • Dedicated venting and grist port.
  • Large agitation paddles with baffles inside tank for very efficient material mixing.
  • Jacketed for steam heating.
  • Integrated CIP (no pumps).
  • Overall height 14'.

Ready for immediate shipping straight from manufacture's warehouse. 


Inquiries please contact 647-628-6261 anytime.


HER-50558_Rear Render.png

HER-50558-001_RENDER 1.jpg

HER-50558-001_RENDER 2.jpg



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