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75 - 125GL Steam jkt still

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Hello ,you mean a whole line from mash tun ,fermenter to a still? pm my email : dayu@zjdayu.com  , I recently makde  a 125Gallon whole line project price list could be send for your referance first. Melissa 

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I am selling a brand new 100gal pot still with steam jacket and agitator with motor. See specs including electrical info on the attached drawing. There are two packages: one skid with the kettle estimated by StillDragon at roughly 700lb. Also one crate with helmet and condenser estimated at roughly 300lb. Not sure if it totally fits your bill, but please feel free to email me, Bryce Young at analoghomer@gmail.com for more details. I am posting this in the Peer-to-Peer forum now too, if you want to see more details there shortly. 




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I am selling an entire Kothe distilling kit if you are still looking. Kit includes 600L Kothe still (steam jacketed) with whiskey helmet, two columns, condenser; 1800L steam jacketed mash tank with agitator and CIPs, 2450L jacketed fermenter, 1100L stainless blending tank and two 300L stainless blending tanks. Also, selling a hammer mill and screw pump if interested. Email me at brownefarms@gmail.com if interested. 

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