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PDA-2 Columns for sale

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I have 2 PDA-2 columns and one stripping head for sale. The link for the description is below. They are about 1 year old and have been used to make vodka. Our vodka got 90 points at BTI this year so the equipment performs as advertised. The stripping head can also do double duty as a simple pot still for whiskey or brandy distillation. This set up is perfect if you want to minimize your downside risk during startup operations or if you have a modest budget to start. The price is $2,000 for the two columns and stripping head. (Shipping is not included.) That is about 1/3 the cost of those 3 pieces new. The "boilers" are not included but I'll email the plans for converting stainless steel drums. I'm selling them because now that I have a couple of products that have been validated by the marketplace I feel I can risk some more capital on a new still with more capacity.



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Sold. My offer was lifted. Guess I priced it too cheaply. ;)


Are you still using the boilers with a new column and if so what type?

I am sure a lot of us would be interested on how the coluns held up and how often you had to clean and/or replace the packing.

You see a lot of posts here talking about the difficulties of producing vodka with anything less then a big 20 plate column. Just curious what were you starting out with for the stripping run and did you just two 2 runs total?

Also for us newbies what is BTI

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I have a few more stripping heads and i'm going to continue to use the boilers for stripping and brandy (2 distillations) until I need the efficiency of a big 3 plate still.

The process i used for the PDA-2's was to do a stripping run on the short heads, which gave me about 30% abv, and a vodka run on the PDA-2. It will get it to 190 proof, but distillate flow is only about 45ml per min so get a good book. I didn't replace the packing for the year I used it, but I did rinse it with hot water after every spirit run. For vodka I now use a 400 liter still that I had Trident welding build for me and in which i installed stainless steel packing. BTI is the Beverage Testing Institute.

A thumbs up from the woman who got the distillery of the year award? High praise indeed. (although the vodka only got a silver at NYISC) ;)

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