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Absinthe-ware Suppliers

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Have been unable to order from Bonnecaze for the last couple weeks- not sure what happened but the site is down and they do not answer the phone. I am in need of a new supplier of fountains and glassware. I order some items from Saxon but frankly they have very little that I want. Any other wholesale suppliers in the US (or foreign that cost effectively sell in small quantity)?



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Bonnecaze et Cie, aka La Maison d'Absinthe, closed their business due to personal reasons. I spoke with Cary last month and he affirmed that he will be re-opening a business in the near future, possibly in a month or two. In the meantime, you might try Frenchman, Ltd.

I've checked out Frenchman previously and I assumed most of the product Bonnecaze sold were produced by Frenchman, but when I go to the Frenchman site there seems to be little in the way of fountain selection. Since you pointed them out to me, I will contact them directly. Thanks Gwydeon!

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