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Hello from Missouri!

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Hi everyone, my name is Susan Knapp and I am the COO of Affordable Distillery Equipment. My goal is to post used and new equipment for sale on the forums.

I look forward to communicating on here! Let me know if there is any piece of equipment you may be looking for. 

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20 hours ago, adamOVD said:

3" product condenser and a couple of parrots with surge breakers and drains?

i have the below 3" condensers in stock. 

3" x 24" $191.04

3" x 36" $219.34

3" surge breaker $28.89

parrot with drain valve $135.42

Does not include any tri clamps or gaskets. 

If you do need 3" tri clamps they are $8.25 each and the 3" silicone gaskets are $3.83 each. 



Susan Knapp




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