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Dsitillery Co-Working Space for Rent/Purchase Calgary Alberta

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We have a 2,700 sq ft distillery which includes an approximtely 500 sq ft tap room/lounge and 2,000 sq ft of production space. We are fully licensed and permitted to operate in Calgary as a distillery, brewery, or other alcohol production facility. Current and recent fire code changes have made it nearly impossibly to open a new distillery so this would be a quick and significantly less expensive route for a start up. With our current operations we do not require the entire space for production and are only distilling 3-4 days a week. We would be interested in discussing options including either long or short term use of the space as either a brewery or a distillery. Opportunities can also either include the equipment we currently have or bringing in your own. 

If your interested please reach out and we can provide site schematics and photos, discuss costs depending on usage, and see if we can make something work. 

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