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Bulk Aged and Unaged Rye for Sale

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Available immediately, FOB Butte, MT.

Unaged Rye Whiskey:

  • Ships in 250 gal IBC bulk containers
  • Total Available = 3921 Proof Gallons
  • $17.92/P.G.  

Aged Rye Whiskey

  • Average Age 6.5 years.  Youngest is 6+ years and oldest is 8+ years.
  • Ships in 250 gal IBC bulk containers.
  • Total Available = 1636 Proof Gallons
  • $68.00/P.G.
  • Barrels do not come with the aged product, but it should be noted that the price here is $/P.G. not $/barrel with assumed angel share.

Free 2L Coke with Purchase.



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