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WI excise tax help

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Hey, I’m wondering if someone can clear something up for me. WI Dept of revenue taxes based on liter. But unlike the TTB’s definition of Proof Gallon, no such definition exists (that I can find) for what constitutes a liter for tax filing purposes. 
Can anyone clarify? Would I pay the same level of tax on 1 liter of 40% ABV vs. 1 liter of 80% ABV spirits?
I can & will call the state on Monday but this is driving me nuts as I do my research & build my plan. 

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10 hours ago, Tom Lenerz said:

Yes, it is strictly by volume, ABV doesn't change it, just product type.

Thanks Tom

i appreciate the insight. I haven’t called yet as i contracted a nasty case of RSV over the weekend, and barely have a voice. 

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