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7x 30 Gallon, 1x 53G Twice Used Whisky Casks & 30G Refurbished Barrel Racks

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We're in the midst of switching over to 53G casks, so we're starting to sell off our 30G empties and racks. These are all freshly dumped from Sons of Vancouver Distillery -- we recently won Canadian Whisky of the Year 2023.

We currently have for aging:
5x 30G Once-used bourbon, once-used rye -- lots of life left in these ($100 USD ea.)

For finishing:
1x 30G Once-used bourbon, once-used curacao ($75 USD)
1x 30G Once-used bourbon, once-used amaretto ($75 USD)
1x 53G Once-used reposado tequila -- we had 1/2 full of rye for 1 month, so lots of tequila good-ness left in the top half of the barrel ($100 USD)

5x 30G 4-barrel racks, double bar, stackable, 4" ($75 USD ea.)

Ships from North Vancouver, BC. Open to making a deal on the whole lot. Send a DM.

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