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Brandy and Bourbon Low Wines Distillation

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So I have some extra low wines from a brandy distillation from an oxidized apple cider that was given to us and we are currently doing a pot still bourbon (we have a column still but this mash was messed up and can't be put into the column). So I have extra low wines from both since they are just fun projects and am wondering if anybody has every done a finishing run combining the low wines from brandy and bourbon. If so how did it turn out and if not what are your thoughts on it?

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I did a half gallon test batch one time where I mixed apple juice and malt wort (for a beer but no hops) and fermented them together. Then distilled it and put an oak cube on it for a month. I thought it turned out great with with hints of both malt whiskey and apple brandy. As a product it's tricky since it doesn't fall into a normal category (distilled spirits specialty) so it could be harder to sell. If you do it, I would recommend aging in a toasted, not charred barrel.

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