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Custom Vendome copper still and other distillery equipment for sale

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EQUIPMENT LIST. See attached pictures

Asking price on all Equipment is $290,000

At this time we are only accepting offers to purchase all the equipment listed. 

If you are interested please email me. Distillerynow@gmail.com

Vendome 300 Gallon Custom Copper Pot Still with Steam Jacket ,Live Steam Option with Agitator, Thump keg, Condenser, Still stand, Condenser stand, Pump motor, Electrical box ,Piping      
Rite Steam Boiler 20 HP Water Softener, Blow Down Tank, Condensate Feed Tank, Exhaust Stack,Piping  
Stainless 450 Gallon Cooker Live Steam with  Copper Cooling Coil Insert 
4- 400 Gallon Stainless Alcohol Storage Tanks with Apollo Valves. 
2- 70 Gallon Stainless Alcohol Storage Tanks
3- 300 Gallon Open Top Stainless Fermenters  with Apollo Valves 
Round Stainless Tank 1250 Gallon with Apollo Valve  
Round Stainless Tank 600 Gallon with Apollo Valve  
Apple Grinder with Twin 220V Electric Motors ,Bin Lifter,Conveyor 
Heavy Duty Pennsylvania Digital  Floor Scales  
Bottling Machine 4 Station Stainless with wand  
Labeling Machine 


STILL 4 .jpeg


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