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2023 New 500L Tradeshow Distillation equipment for sale

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Hi There ,

We have a set of brand new 2023 tradeshow Still for sale (details as follow) ,  please contact me at dayu@zjdayu.com or what'sapp +86 15158606079 for more detail Auto control informations.

Sell price : About 61,500 

500L Copper Still - Auto Control
Copper pot with handmade hammer point top      dished.
Pot come with EX 0.75kw/60rpm agitator
Cooper Helmet
4 Plates Copper Distillation Column;diameter:350mm;
Copper Dephlegmator
Copper Catalytic Converter
SUS304 Condenser:Diameter 219mm;
Parrot Outlet: SUS 304, glass, copper
Table Base with Storage Tanks: SUS 304 material;
three stroage tanks for collecting head/ heart/tail: 70L,140L, 140L;
Come with Cooling Water Pipeline
Come with CIP Pump and Pipeline
PLC Automatic Control System;

Contact person : Melissa ;  Email:  dayu@zjdayu.com or what'sapp +86 15158606079 for more informations.



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