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Matte Black Closures 30x37mm

Greg Biagi

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Don't have a good answer but I did run into this problem a while back. We used scissors to cut them. They came out uneven but looked good on the bottles. Kind of a pain but fortunately it was a small run of weird bottles.


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On 2023/6/8 at AM12点58分, Greg Biagi said:

我正在寻找销售 30x37mm 哑光黑色热缩瓶坯封口的任何人。我只能找到 30x60mm 尺寸的哑光黑色,它不适用于我们的一些瓶子。 

You may find the product you want here. My email sdycht@gmail.com
I can also produce glass bottles here, you can take a look.

jiatong.pdf Company Profile & Product Catalog1.pdf

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