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2000-liter Figgins Reciprocator Q3 bookings now being accepted!

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Figgins Craft Spirits Group Ltd is happy to announce additional capacity to accept new orders during July, August and September of this year:

  • The Original and Celebrated Figgins Reciprocator dual-kettle distillation system represents the best value today, and comes complete with industry-leading service before, during and after the sale!
  • For just under $70,000.00, you can own a gleaming copper and stainless steel twin-kettle still!  Best price anywhere for a 2000-liter (528 US gallons) still! 
  • Your distillery artwork can be placed on fill hatches at no extra charge!  Your logo and the still's LED-illuminated twin reflux spheres will turn your stillhouse into a stunning showroom!
  • With its innovative function and aesthetic design features, you will proudly own a versatile star performer for any vodka, gin, brandy, rum or whisky production.
  • Up to 96.2% ABV possible in two passes ~ cask-ready spirits possible in a single pass.  A true craft still for manual operation, and expandable with option for any degree of automation.
  • Figgins Reciprocator ownership comes with unlimited consultation and distillation engineering services, including on-site assembly and operations tutorials, all at no extra charge!
  • Easy purchase terms with several lease options available!   Choose from steam, electric or re-circulating oil models!
  • Ancillary equipment of our own design includes the 4000L Figgins Agitator mash tun, 1000L Figgins Fermentor fermentation & spirits storage tank, the Figgins Mojo Filter™ and our 1.5kW spirits & wort pump cart.

The Original and Celebrated Figgins Reciprocator™ starts at $69,995.00, FOB Seattle, Washington USA.

Get in touch for a free needs assessment ~ 206.497.7554 ~ call today, or you can also get in touch by e-mail at MD@FigginsCraft.com.

Our team installs full systems globally ~ this one was commissioned on the Isle of Man:


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  • BWFiggins changed the title to 2000-liter Figgins Reciprocator Q3 bookings now being accepted!

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