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Two 400 Gallon Open Top Wood Fermenters with Lids

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We are looking to sell our open top wood fermenters.  Business has been better than expected so we are looking to get a bigger mash tun and fermenters.  We have used these for a few months and they are in great shape.  

They hold 400 gallons of mash with ample head space.  The diameter is just under 5 feet and the height 52 inches.  It has a 2 inch outlet from the bottom of the fermenter.  We can get every drop of mash out easily with a squeegee.  The fermenter sits on a pair of 4x4s on each side.  We can include them in the deal or you can just pick some up from Home Depot and cut them yourself.

We also built lids for them ourselves.  The lids come in 3 pieces and the screws are all stainless steel.  When we are using them we just flip up 1 of the 2 smaller end pieces.  The middle piece is heavier and we leave it in place most of the time  You do not need to use the lids at all if you don't want.  We have done it both ways.

No leaks at all - you will probably need to swell them for a couple of days when you receive them then they'll be ready to go.  It has 3 hoops on each one and you can tighten the hoops with a wrench if you ever need to.  We have never needed to.

Buyer is responsible for shipping.

Asking 6,000 for both.

If interested email me at tommy@wildfether.com








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