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Labeler for rectangular bottles


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I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate. Can anyone suggest a small-scale labeler for bottles that aren't round? (We're talking startup scale labeling here). I'm looking at a few bottles that I really dig but many have angles and the labelers I've seen that I can afford only talk about round bottle application. Thanks in advance my brothers and sisters!

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The Primera AP550 is the one to use:


Sometimes Primera even offers reconditioned units for those who need to economize, but you just need to get on a call list when they become available.  

Good luck!  

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Square bottles can be tough to label, I have tried getting a flat semi-auto labelers to work work for clients in the past, however there was too much fluctuation in the label placement on the bottle.

Depending on your amount of cases you are looking to might be better off just hand labeling your batches until your demand grows.

Otherwise I would try a race labeler style applicator:


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Hi Hamilton1980,

As Kindred Spirits mentioned above, we do carry the Race Labeler, which works fantastic for flat bottles. We also carry other options for small scale labeling for square, round, and all other shapes of bottles. It is all dependent on your volume. Please check our website www.crusystems.com or DM me here on Forums and I'd be happy to get you additional information.



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Hi Hamilton1980,

For small-scale labeling of rectangular bottles, it is recommended to use a semi-automatic labeling machine. The following two labeling machines can label rectangular or square bottles.

VK-T805 is suitable for wrap around labeling, and can label round bottles, rectangular bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc. Different molds can be customized and one machine can label a variety of products. More Info: https://www.vkpak.com/semi-automatic-labeling-machine/vk-t805-semi-automatic-rolling-labeling-machine-square-bottle.html

VK-T803 is suitable for single-sided or double-sided flat or small arc surface labeling. It also has a very wide range of applications (you need to customize the mold according to the sample to fix the product).  More Info: https://www.vkpak.com/semi-automatic-labeling-machine/vk-t803-semi-automatic-labeler-for-surface-labeling.html

Below is the labeling video of the two machines

Please contact us for more information and a quote.

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