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Jennifer Norris Compliance Services

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Hi! I am Jennifer Norris. You might remember me from companies such as Whiskey Systems and Doc Collier Distillery.  I am now running my own compliance consulting business for distilleries.  I have over 20 years of experience in the wine & spirits industry with 10 of those years dedicated to distillery compliance.

Dave Dunbar @dhdunbar has been a mentor to me over the years and more so since his recent retirement.  He has been referring his clients to me and assisting me with some of your more interesting queries.  Thank you to all who have come my way via Dave Dunbar, and many thanks to Dave for sharing his knowledge with me and also sharing it with all of you on this forum!  He is a legend here.  I hope to be on this forum more often answering your questions; I am not sure I can fill Dave Dunbar's shoes, but I will try.

I have had the pleasure of working with many of you before and hopefully I will meet some more of you via this forum.  I hope that you will reach out if you need permit assistance, internal audit assistance, TTB audit assistance, report and return clean-up, compliance training, COLAs, formulas, or if you want me to ask questions to the TTB for you so you can stay anonymous.  I also teach my clients how the operational reports work and I assist them with their monthly reports as needed.

I will be at ADI in Las Vegas; I will probably be the only young-ish gray, curly-haired female there, so please introduce yourself when you see me! 

I am here when you need me and I look forward to catching up with y'all, meeting some new people, and helping y'all stay compliant!


Jennifer Norris


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