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Vendome 250gal Pot Still and 250gal Vodka Rectifying Still System

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Deciding it's time to retire, we are putting our Vendome Copper Pot Still and Vodka Rectifying Still up for sale. This system was built in 2012 and was used for making apple brandy. Very minimal use, as we only sold finished product out of our tasting room.

Both the Copper Pot Still and Vodka Still are 250g each. This system is being sold with a 1mil BTU steam boiler included in the sale. The system is currently located in upstate New York.

Please get back to me with any specific questions you may have. We have officially closed our business as of this past weekend, therefore the system is available anytime. You can email me at: dwdf1025@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest.

Asking Price: $500,000.00 complete







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