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Historic Copper Kettles for Sale

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Fellow Distillers and Spirits Makers,

Ready to open a distillery or dramatically improve your existing set-up?  If so, we have two historic 400 gallon Arthur Harris & Co. copper kettles for sale.  These 1964 kettles - originally built for the Hershey's chocolate factory in Oakdale, CA - are two of a kind, and can be refurbished by Vendome Copper & Brass Works (https://vendomecopper.com/) in LESS than 6 months.  Once refurbished, they will be the centerpiece of your distillery tours or tasting room.  Please see the attached pics for a before (the kettles for sale) and after (the ones in our distillery) look of these impossible-to-replicate historic kettles.

- 1/4" thick copper, and the kettles have been sonically-tested for thickness by Vendome

- Vendome - who refurbished ours in the "after" pics - can turn these around for ~$55,000 - $75,000 apiece, depending on what type of spirit(s) you want to create and what improvements you'd like to add

- these are priced to sell!  $50,000 for one, or $90,000 for both kettles, which is much less than a new system without the history, charm and craftsmanship

Whether you call them the centerpiece, piece de resistance, showpiece, or crown jewel of your distillery, these historic kettles are works of art, skill, and old-world technique.

Contact me at justin@tahwhiskey.com or 479.871.2565 for delivery and storage, if needed.  I'm also happy to give you a tour of the distillery, show you our refurbished kettles, and let you see for yourself what yours can become.  I'm also happy to put you in touch with an expert at Vendome to discuss pricing for refurbishment.  Thanks for giving this a read!

Tahwahkaro Distilling Co LLC

Justin Jackson

Tah refurbish 3.jpg

Tah refurbish 4.jpg

Tah refurbish 5.jpg

Tah refurbish 7.jpg

Tah refurbish 9.jpg

Tah refurbish 10.jpg

Tah refurbish 11.jpg

Tah refurbish 13.jpg

Tah refurbish 14.jpg

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