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600 L Hybrid Still with Whiskey Helmet, Gin Basket, and 12-inch 6-plate Side Column

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Fabricated by DYE. Rated for 600 L, will hold 650 L. Steam fired, includes agitator and full CIP system. Can be run in pot mode, column mode with plates individually engaged or disengaged, and with or without the gin basket engaged. Rock solid performer, 5 years old, although only used for about 30 runs. Like new. Will also include custom-built control system, which runs the agitator and CIP system. $35,000. 

Custom SS service platform, designed specifically for this still, $5,000 (Originally $15,000).

48K Watt 3-phase electric steam generator, includes blowdown separator, spare elements, $9,000 (originally $15,000).FileMay1650939PM.thumb.jpeg.c71355955eaeb749950965f91356c5d7.jpegIMG_8260.thumb.jpg.6f494090a0477df5ddd24c067ef598f9.jpgFileJan30103621PM.thumb.jpeg.8b4a89616eac7f6ad290b6c9d4299e64.jpeg

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