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Abe Patriot Fill Station

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Selling our Abe Patriot Fill Station.  It works great but we are finding that we like to fill 50 bottles at a time and then switch to another product.  This is built to set up and rip through bigger quantities.  We have used it to fill our 375 ML and 750 ML bottles.

You can check it out at https://abeequipment.com/products/filling-equipment/patriot-fill-station/

Cost us 21K new and a long lead time.  Selling for 14K.

4 months old. Pneumatic air operated - one air port covers the pump, corker, and filler.

Ours is the 6 foot option so it doesn't have the white top space to the left of the filler.  We have never wished we had more space there as we line up bottles to the side as they come off the bottle cleaner. 

Also the pump and filters are located on the right side and the unit has the corker with a rail to hold corks. The pump can also be used outside of the system which has been great for us.  The pump has 1.5 inch trim clamp in and out fitting.  We use the pump to move finished spirits around a lot.

We also opted for the caster upgrade so its on lockable wheels.  Super easy to move around and small footprint so you can tuck it away when not in use.

It has a holding tank inside.  So basically you hook it up to a tank and the pump fills the holding tank (through the filters).  Then it shuts off when the tank is full and it draws in more spirit whenever the tank drops below full.

The cabinet has some open space that we also use for storage for our triclamps and filters.

Let me know if you have any questions.  You would have to coordinate shipping, but it shouldn't be hard.  It is located in New Jersey so if its local you can also pick up with a truck.

Feel free to email me at tommy@wildfether.com 











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