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300 Gal Vendome Copper Still for sale with other equipment


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Vendome Distilling Equipment for sale along with other distilling equipment. Asking Price is $262,000. This equipment is sold as a complete package. We are not taking offers for individual items.

For a complete listing please email Distillerynow@gmail.com

We offer services to disassemble and relocate this equipment


Vendome all Copper Pot Still

-300 gallon working capacity

-Steam Jacketed with Faux riveted shell

-Stainless Doubler hidden in barrel

-Shotgun Condenser hidden in barrel

-All Brass manway

-Extended swan neck with 4 internal

Reflux trays

-CIP System on still for easy cleaning

-3 Compartment Head, Hearts, Tails Tank

Steam boiler Weil Mclane 9.7 HP

4 Fermentors Transtore 550 gallon open top

2 Transtore Spirit Storage Tanks 250 gallon capacity

Bottle filler Mori 6 spout table top unit

Transfer Pump Vendome

3 Hoses 1.5 transfer made by Continental

Barrel Filler Nozzle



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