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Aged Bourbon & New Make For Sale

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Hey Everyone - We're letting go of a little bit of our wheated bourbon. Everything over 24 months was pot distilled in a single pass on a Vendome 500 gallon copper pot still using a 4-plate column & dephlegmator. The barrels under 24 months were/are distilled on a 14" Vendome copper continuous column and doubler. 

Mash Bill: 73% Corn / 19% Wheat / 8% Malted Barley

Age Qty. Available Price Range
New Make 1000+ $1000-$1200
1-18 Month 100 $1200-$2000
18-24 Month 60 $2000-$2500
24-36 Month 48 $2500-$3750
36-48 Month 24 $3750-$4500

Pricing is flexible depending on quantity. New make pricing is quantity and mash bill dependent. Email us at custom@oldglorydistilling.com or call 931.229.3345 for more info.

Matt Cunningham

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