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Searching for RTD Co-Packing


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I'm currently searching for a co-packer / contract bottler for an RTD.  The catch - the packaging is unique and I'll have to have specialized equipment manufactured.  So, ideally, the co-packer / contract facility will have the flexibility to fit this equipment into the line and perhaps have some storage space to keep it on site between runs.

No restrictions geographically, at this moment.

Let me know if anyone has ideas!



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I am an owner of Flight Spirits, we operate a Nashville based co-packing facility.  We specialize in new launch products, small run start-ups.  We have the ability to bottle, can etc.  I would like to learn more about your opportunity that you have.


My contact info is below:

Mike Durrick

Ph: 901-674-4986

Email: Mike@flightwhiskey.com



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