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Ozonator for Sale

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post-1019-129416119493_thumb.jpgI have an SGA 21 Pacific Ozonator for Sale. $4800. It is like new. It will produce 7000 gallons per day of heavily ozonated water. Ozonated water works beautifully for for removing off flavors, off taste and color from wooden casks. Once ozonation process is complete you are left with sterile and oxygenated water. It will work on single phase power 110V. It weighs approx 100 pounds and dimensions are 22" X 20" X 11" It comes complete with a 1 HP Sanitary pump that can be used for many other applications or simply as recirculation. It is available for immediate shipment from New Mexico. Delivery can be arranged for a nominal fee depending on your location. For questions call me at (505) 440 8666 or email me directly if you would like to cabezon118@gmail.com. Photo attached. Cheers.
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