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Moutai Online Retailler

Erik Owens


This morning I stumbled across a Chinese Distillery that is selling directly via a branded website: https://moutaiamerica.com/

I searched in the forum, and could not find any further information.

If a Chinese Distillery is allowed to open a “Authorized U.S. Online Retailer Shop” – are all U.S. based distilleries allowed to do the same?

Many U.S. based distilleries are not allowed to open authorized DTC online retailer shops. How are they able to do this?

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This is the ol' Speakeasy Switcheroo.

While the website appears to be DTC, bottles are actually fulfilled by Speakeasy's network of retailers. Lots of US-based distilleries have the same thing going on... it looks like DTC but peer carefully and you will see that it is not truly DTC.


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